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My name is Nadia, and I was born in the wonderful "Kingdom of Granada" meeting place for artists, philosophers, bohemians, different medical specialists and also cultural and religious differences. A city that has a continental climate, with around a minimum of 0 degrees in winter and 40 in summer, it can enjoy a sunny day on the beach, or a snowy day in the mountains.

This was the context in which I was in one of my worst days after a year of despair, trying to find a solution and thinking about how to locate "Carmen of the PIJ" to ask a question that had nothing to do with my problems. So after leaving the Mercadona, a rainy day, thinking about Carmen while  asked God a radical change ... I listened to someone right next to me, stopped at light. Was her.

Without my realizing it, in a week had new ideas, dreams and expectatives and sent my CV to a project that I loved but I didn' t calibrate to what extent was different from what I knew. Surprisingly in about 3 weeks, I was preparing for my trip with joy and enthusiasm.

So, arrived on Sunday February 3, I took my bus leaving three people who have shown me their love, and appreciation and I embarked on the adventure of traveling alone for the first time in life.
The next morning almost asleep lleque to Viljandi Bus Station, a small city in southern Estonia of about 20,000 habitants (compared to 490,000 of all the area of ​​Granada ... What Change *!*)

This small city is flat, has a large lake and a beautiful ruins, and minimum temperatures can be 30 degrees below 0 in winter in front of maximum temperatures of 30 degrees in summer. 


A basically cultural city for its University of Culture (Tartu Viljandi Ülikooli Kultuuriakademia that is an extension of the University of Tartu)
It has lots of nature, even in the streets of the city, I live in the center and next door is a large park with a nice big river and only 10 minutes there is a huge lake ... frozen.
If you want to go to the pool, you have to walk for 30 minutes a road surrounded by forest to the other side ... that is still the city of Viljandi although it may seem otherwise. Amazingly for its size, one of the things that caught my attention was that possesses several cemeteries, the principal and some other more, such as russian which has no bars or wall, is in the middle of the forest and has a rather interesting image... as a horror movie. 

Well, I will narrate my story until today:
The first day, with my flatmate Lasha, we visited the city, and right When we come into the park, in front came a large flock of ducks to me (like a horror movie, again) to finish on the ground following us to exit the park, queued ... Good welcome!

After the flatmate's birthday ; typical German dinner, giant snow woman, sauna at home ... I had not yet accustomed, and the next Monday I took the bus to go to my "on training" in Haapsalu.

Haapsalu, is west of Estonia, and it is beautiful! With a sea ... Also frozen. It is very famous for its sea water and mud, which apparently has healing properties ...
There I met a few profs and classmates, who spoke Spanish :) Cool! So when I could not understand something, I always had help.

I came on just from the training, and on some days was my birthday ... With a homemade pizza with potatoes and chicken and a nice big cake which cost € 1.90
The same day of my birthday, had stayed with a friend volunteer from another organization, Lilia from Germany ... is curious that I lost just at the door of her house, and a very kind woman wanted to help me, she took me in her car and toured Viljandi
Trying to find the Kagu street... was stopping to ask each person who she found ... And all the people joked in Estonian and laughed ... finally I finished at home ... was then that I discovered that I lost just at the door.

Post Office opening until Saturday, supermarkets opening on Sundays, people laughing when you fall, free pictures to the ID ... XD We started to be a bit more sociable, and dinner at Lilia's home (barbecues in the middle of the snow), sauna ... and running half-naked up the street (even naked) to put in the body
a lot of snow ... o.O Crazy


Throw sleigh, despite fear ... And the sun here, frozen, is a summary of the things I've experienced here until today. Ammm, and enter the choir of the faculty of Viljandi, and go to the pool ... That it seems warm, but it is frost
 and Estonian classes: in the best of Viljandi Cofee :)

At work all very well, I work outside the city, opposite the hospital in
Jaagu Lasteaed-Põhikool, in one of the small houses, where I have 8 small of different ages, from 6 months to 14 years . They are from older to younger: Ragne, Dellu, Reelika, Sulev, Siiri, Tiina, Andrus and Maie. Ragne and Reelika are sisters, and are here because they have personal problems, like Dellu and Sulev, with similar reasons, also brothers. Siiri and Tiina have autism, and we have a small problem with Siiri because constantly self-injure or attacks the other children, but when she is happy she is beautiful, Andrus has many physical problems, but is super sweet and good, and is very easy to work with, despite his problems. Tiina is an angel from heaven, is lovely and it is really nice and good and after this the little Maie, she was born premature, it seems she had an operation but for now is fine, her mother can not look after her, so she's here , is a baby is super quiet and beautiful.

Teachers, even without understand me help me a lot, and from what my tutor said, are very happy with me, so that makes me very happy to know that I do my job well, it makes me feel good and it's easier to don't miss my city.
Since I came here, I learned to tube feeding, give ventolin with an electrical machine for aerosols ... And with small with autism, try to treat them with love, I speak to them until they want, and with intuition, usually everything went well (with love, seeing their faces, and trying to make them feel good, usually all it was good) and with the other kids, I write my sentences I need and I try to translate them, and so I'm learning :) Now I understand some sentences and I can say them too.

Already in the last few weeks, using the laptop, We started looking for drawings
that they like and we try to draw it, we played "Just Dance" on youtube, or we start to sing ... And we spent time watching children's movies in English, Spanish and Estonian (well, if it's Estonian better, but they are used to watch movies even without they  understand, they also enjoy it)

I have also discovered thousands of new foods with potatoes, with new sauces ... And kohuke (that I love this really good *!*), The kohupiim that are sweet, and Kodujuust this really very good!
Finally, on events, attended the theater on February 24th is the Independence Day here, very nice, to say the truth, and a few Sundays before some volunteers went to a special event for seniors that were expatriates or affected in some way by the war, and we sing for them :)

And today I was in Tallinn to see the Ballet Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, was really exciting, because it was one of my wishes
to do :D
I could also spoke to the youth center here to work some ideas that are a bit difficult now until the summer, but nothing happens, I have some ideas for some very interesting projects :)
I hope all this information interests you! It's a lot!! but I wish that you will like the number of things you can do, and curiosities of Estonians "closed and antisocial";).
One final note, in late July (25-28), is the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, is one of the most important events in Estonia, in case anyone is near, or just want to come!! Already know, will be very interesting, I promise*! *

Greetings, hugs and kisses from Viljandi *! *

(The names have been changed to avoid violating the privacy of children)

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