*¡* Good Morning Guys*!*

We are on May 12, Mother's Day in Viljandi ... and since the last time I wrote, have spent thousands of things.

The most notable is that the spring finally came, the snow  said goodbye to us leaving a guest rather warm: the Sun, we went from to be below 0, at temperatures around 20 degrees ... The birds began to sing, the frogs to walk (in the center of the city, go in the middle of the street) Thousands of snails and grasshoppers on the roads towards to the hospital and all covered in green (the flowers are starting to born but I imagine that until June, they will not cover the city)

The lake began to walk along the river from the park, looking for his destiny ... and young people began to use the sauna on the lake and jump on the: D

Things change, and of course the celebrations ... are no longer barbecues in the snow, but birthday near the lake in the company of a beautiful sun, with a strong wind and making bread dough sticks to the fire ^ _ ^

And as I said before, the following Monday I took the bus to Tallinn to spend 4 days in the house Leppoja to fulfill my midterm: D

Leppoja is a country house located in Kuusalu, Harjumaa ... In the forest, right on a lake full of frogs, butterflies yellow and surrounded by trees with birds, and various animals ... as deer, elk, foxes, wild boar, beaver, and other ...

Their temperatures around 15 degrees, but is wonderful*!*

There, I changed the use of the sauna, to use Smoke Sauna *!*

Change snow jump ... to jump directly to the lake XD

Well, happy, because I understood almost everything, I didn't pass as the first time asking, and asking ... this time I had to do it a couple of times *!* If I have improved my English, but even if I can't believe it *!*

There the food was great ... It was wrong and sinful: 2 cakes per day *!*

There, my dear new friend Karolina Kwinta and I spent an afternoon with funny moments (and some not so) in the river trying to control a canoe ... walk through the forest trying to locate animals ;) and share ideas and motivations, as well as disincentives, and bringing encouragement ... of course.

At work better every day, we haven't snow any more, and spend more time outside playing and using trampoline ...

With work activities, well, I knew how to use the nasal aspirator, but now I use it alone *! *

And this last month we got a new baby Anžela, a little girl who speaks very well and we all want to stay with her all the time ... is a SUN *!*

Finally ... in a matter of events, well I only participated in a celebration of this organization for the elderly. But this time I sang alone and I really went well: D

Next week I will go to Tallinn for a meeting with our national organization, and I will take the opportunity to meet it : D

I have many ideas, but so far I don't really know how to make them, I think from now on everything will be much better.

*¡* Greetings and kisses and hugs from Viljandi *!*

(The names have been changed to avoid violating the privacy of children)

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